How can Far UVC 222nm help fight pandemics?

Severe acute respiratory syndrome Cov-2, also known as SARS-CoV-2, that is causing coronavirus disease since 2019 has also emerged as a serious threat to the health of humans all across the world. Proper and efficient disinfection of surfaces that are contaminated with SARS-Cov-2 may be effective in preventing its spread.

Far UVC 222nm is effective in fighting pandemics.

According to the experts, Far UVC 222nm, also known as Far-UVC, can kill coronavirus without affecting or harming humans.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has acknowledged emerging evidence that covid-19 is spreading via aerosols and droplets more in closed indoor settings.

However, the low doses of Far UVC 222nm continuously can kill airborne viruses without even harming humans. Therefore, it is said that the installation of chips emitting far UVC 222nm in light fitting can play a vital role in fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

How can Far UVC 222nm light kill airborne coronavirus?

Above 99.99% of seasonal covid-19 viruses present in the airborne droplets were diminished when exposed to a certain wavelength of UV light. Moreover, that far-UVC wavelength is completely safe to see around humans, according to the latest study at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.

Based on the research study results, continuous disinfection of airborne coronaviruses with the FAR-UVC light emitted at the current regulatory limit reduced airborne viruses for an indoor environment occupied by humans well.

The background of the study

The conventional germicidal UVC light will work good for disinfect empty spaces. Some places are referred to as unoccupied indoor environments, hospitals, empty subway cars, and more. However, direct exposure to germicidal UVC is impossible in occupied places. It is because this can be hazardous to human health.

  • Therefore, to disinfectant occupied spaces indoors safely, the Columbia University started investing FAR-UVC with 222 nm wavelength.
  • It is because FAR UVC 222 nm is unable to penetrate the tear layer of your eye. Also, it can’t enter the dead skin layer or outer skin layer of humans.
  • So, ultimately, it will be unable to reach or damage the living cells of your body at all.

Therefore, the research study extended research to the use of FAR-UVC for seasonal coronaviruses, similar to SARS COC-2 causing covid-19.

In the research study, a misting device was used to aerosolize common coronaviruses. The aerosolize then flowed in front of the far-UVC lamp. After this encounter of far-UVC lamps and coronaviruses, researchers see how many coronaviruses were killed.

Surprisingly, about 99.99% of the coronaviruses exposed to far-UVC lamps were killed even by a lower exposure to Far-UVS 222 nm.

Based on these results, researchers have estimated that continuous exposure to far-UVC can help in limiting airborne viruses spread easily.

Final Verdict

The sensitivity of covid-19 to Far UVC 222nm is suggesting that it can be completely safe and amazingly feasible to place overhead lamps of Far-UVC in the indoor environments occupied by humans. It is because this can help in reducing the person-to-person coronaviruses transmission in the indoor environments markedly. Most amazingly, it can reduce the transmission of other viruses as well such as influenza.

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