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UEC Energy is an engineering design company focused on the design and development of innovative energy generation technology and Far UVC systems: Far UVC Lamp, Far UVC Gate and BiocareUV Wand.

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Far UVC Solutions


UEC Energy was founded by energy industrial professionals with significant experience in designing and developing major renewable energy infrastructure projects. Since June 2020, UEC energy has been working with the Worlds leading developers and manufacturers of Far-UVC solutions and has selected after significant due diligence and research a number of products that we believe will meet or exceed our clients expectations whilst providing safe environments for clients and their customers.

Far UVC Systems

Far UVC Systems Advantages

Far UVC systems hold significant importance, especially when it comes to disinfecting the environment. Some of the reasons due to which the Far UVC systems are crucial for disinfection are listed below.


Far UVC systems are one of the disinfecting systems that are entirely safe to be used around humans. Although the shorter wavelengths can pass through pathogens, they can’t penetrate the outer layer of human skin. Hence, Far UVC systems do not damage your eyes and skin. In addition to this, Far UVC systems do not cause any tissue damage. As Far UVC systems are safe to use around humans, you can run the system 24/7. Running the system constantly ensures that most of the bacteria and viruses are eliminated. Hence, this is why they are one of the best disinfection processes.


As Far UVC systems use shorter wavelengths, of about 207nm – 222nm, they are more effective in killing bacteria present in the environment. The shorter wavelength completely passes through the pathogen present in the environment. As pathogens are made inactive, bacteria and viruses are eliminated. Far-UVC lights can autonomously and continuously inactivate any known virus, bacteria, or fungi in occupied spaces, which is essential for containing and mitigating the emerging threat of the coronavirus and similar outbreaks where potentially infected human carriers in occupied locations are often not distinguishable from the non-carriers.


Along with effective diagnostics, vaccines, and therapies, the elimination of pathogens in occupied spaces is an essential element of infectious disease eradication. Far UVC Disinfection Lights are an essential addition to existing infection control practices, as part of a multi-pronged approach to prevent the spread of existing and emerging diseases. Far UV systems are faster, and the shorter wavelengths they use make sure that the bacteria and viruses are killed within minutes. Far UV systems are faster than conventional disinfection processes.

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HowFar-UVC Technology Help Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus

ThoughFar-UVC Technology ultraviolet light cannot be used in or on the human body to cure Covid-19, it is an effective tool that has been in use for decades in hospitals and operating rooms to sterilize surfaces. Technological breakthroughs in UV light could become a key tool used to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

far uvc systems
Far UVC Solutions

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Our primary aim is it identify new solutions for the betterment of society, the environment and industry and more recently has extended into the World of public health with the development of Far-UVC solutions for all sectors of society.

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Everything you need to know about Far UVC Systems

UV sterilization is a process by which we can kill pathogens in the air. UV sterilization is typically a disinfection process. There are generally two types of the UV sterilization process, which includes UVC and Far UVC. Far UVC uses short wavelengths, which are shorter than the wavelengths of visible light. Due to this, they are not visible. Far UVC uses wavelengths between 207nm- 222-nm light, and it one of the most effective UV sterilization methods. In addition to this, Far UVC is entirely safe for humans and does not damage the environment in any way. Our top Far UV Solutions: We are one of the top companies that provide our customers with the best of some of the best Far UVC solutions through our products, which ensure that the environment remains disinfected, and our customers remain satisfied.  Some of the high-quality products that we offer are: Far UVC lamp: The ultraviolet rays are harmful to our skin and eyes, but the Far UVC lamp is not dangerous because it uses shorter wavelengths of about 207nm – 222nm. The Far UVC lamp is one of the best Far UV solutions for killing both airborne and surface pathogens.  Some of the most crucial features of the Far UVC lamp are specified below. It can be used for about 8 hours – The Far UVC lamp is tested multiple times following all the standard rules and regulations, which proves that people can use this lamp for 8 hours a day. It means that by using this lamp, the pathogens present in your house and office are made inactive, which ensures a healthy environment. It kills 99.99% of the airborne pathogens – As the Far UVC lamp uses shorter wavelengths of about 222nm, it uses an extremely low dosage of about 1.2 to 1.7 mJ/cm2 to kill the airborne human coronaviruses in less than 30 seconds. Kills coronavirus residing on the surface – According to research, the Far UV light can kill almost 99% of coronavirus that resides on the surface. It means that the Far UVC lamp is efficient against both airborne and surface pathogens. Fast – The shorter UV wavelengths that the Far UVC lamp uses ensures that the pathogens present in both the air and surface are made inactive within minutes. Far UVC gates: Like the Far UVC lamp, the Far UVC gates also use shorter wavelengths. It works using the Far UVC technology that allows the head to toe of a person is scanned properly. It helps the outer contamination to be removed and pass with a negative internal test. Some of the most important benefits of Far UVC gates are specified below. Provides complete coverage – The Far UVC gates use lamp technology and provide coverage from the head to toe of a person without missing any part. Time limit – The time limit of the Far UVC is about 6 seconds, during this time a person stands between the gates. Ideal for airports – The Far UVC gates are perfect for places like airports since it is hard to scan each person manually. Pathogen free environment  – The Far UVC gates are ideal for those environments that need to be clean and free of pathogens. The above-stated features make the Far UVC gate one of the best Far UVC solutions for killing both airborne and surface pathogens. BiocareUV Wand: The BiocareUV wand is a device that is used to kill viruses like Covid and other fatal pathogens. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and battery-operated. Some of the benefits of the BiocareUV wand are highlighted below. Safe  – The BiocareUV wand consists of safe and secure Ultraviolet rays that are not harmful to the eyes and skin of humans. Quick disinfection – The BiocareUV wand is very quick when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting a surface which is very important in modern times. Chemical-free – The BiocareUV wand is dry and does not use chemicals that can be wet and harmful for people and the surrounding environment. Replaceable bulb – The BiocareUV wand gets easier to use and handle. Not only because of its lightweight but also due of the bulb that can be replaced easily. Lumenizer 300: The Lumenizer 300 provides the filtered germ-fighting ultraviolet or Far UVC rays. It is known to fight against many infections, bacteria, and viruses. It is adjustable and easy to use. Some of the highlighting benefits of Lumenizer 300 are specified below. Safe exposure – The Lumenizer 300 is safe and secure to use since the ultraviolet rays that it gives off are not harmful and follow all the safety guidelines. Easy setup – It is convenient and easy to use. It just needs to be connected with wirings in your home, and it starts disinfecting your room. Lumenizer 300 covers and disinfects a large area due to its capability and adjustable feature. The above-specified is the importance of Far UVC systems. If you want to buy Far UVC products, make sure to contact us.