Creating a Covid19 and Pathogen Entrance Barriers with Far-UVC Gates

Far UVC gate introduction. Building access, sports stadium access, shops, restaurants, airports, the potential is endless. Securing a building from potential pathogens such as Covid 19 is critical when ensuring that a space is free of potential viral hazards. Keeping people safe from the infection will be the only way we can pick up our lives and move forwards.

Welcome to the Far-UVC Gate. Designed using Far-UVC 222nm technology it decontaminates people as they pass through and when coupled with a health passport and/ or negative test, you know that that person is not transporting Covid19 and other pathogens into the building.

Using the Far-UVC Gate should enable building users to walk freely without masks and without the need for continuous surface cleansing.

The gate has been designed to ensure safe decontamination access to controlled areas such as airport arrivals and departures, public concert venues and sporting venues or even office buildings.

The gate works by using the same Far-UVC technology as Far-UVC lamps providing full all over coverage of a body standing inside the gate. When coupled with a ‘health passport’ QR code or negative test result barcode, the gate carries out a short six second decontamination of the person from head to toe, thus providing not only external decontamination but also allowing a person to pass through with a negative internal test.

far uvc gate
The new gate is half the weight, so 102kg, of the original one and the walkthrough time for decontamination is now only 2 seconds.

Far UVC Gate feature and benefits

  • Far UVC Gates use the same lamp technology listed above but are placed within a gate to ensure complete coverage of a person.
  • Gates operate for six seconds when a person stands inside the gate
  • Can be used in conjunction with a ‘Health Passport’ ensuring the person is Covid free internally and the gate will ensure they are Covid free externally
  • Application is ideal for Airports both inbound and outbound
  • A lot of interest from sporting event providers including football clubs
  • Indoor and outdoor concert venues
  • Hospital and office entrances.
  • Any environment that requires 100% pathogen, free persons.

Far UVC Gate regulations that the technology complies with includes

  • Output vs IEC/EN 60598-1 and relevant part 2
  • EC 62471-6 Photobiological safety of UV Lamp Products (inc User Info for safety measure labelling)
  • BS EN 60598 (EN 62471:2008) Photobiological Safety of Lamps
  • EN 60598-1:2015/A1:2018 Luminaires Pt1: General requirements & Tests
  • EN 14255-1:2005 Measurement & assessment of Personal Exposures to Incoherent
  • Optical Radiation Part 1 (UV radiation emitted by artificial sources in the workspace) and Part 4 (Terminology & Quantities Used in UV Workspaces)

See also GLA Safety Guidelines May 2020

  • EMC – Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (RoHS – restriction of Hazardous Substances – mainly an employer limit but we should refer)

UKAS accredited testing houses database.

The advanced far-uv gate

How it works

Far UVC Gate the science behind the light

Since June 2020, UEC energy has been working with the only two scientific developers of Far-UVC technology, one in Japan and one in the US.

Unlike UV light which is dangerous and harmful to our eyes and skin, Far-UVC sits within the wavelength range of effective short wave UV light which kills viruses and bacteria which is between 200nm and 280nm (nano metres) and has been proven to be both effective in killing surface and airborne pathogens whilst being safe to human eyes and skin.

Following extensive testing it has been found that people can work and operate in regulated and controlled Far-UVC environments for up to eight hours in any twenty-four period without negative impacts.

This discovery is a clear game changer when dealing with global pandemics.

Very low doses of far-UVC light efficiently kill airborne human coronaviruses carried by aerosols. A dose as low as 1.2 to 1.7 mJ/cm2 of 222-nm light inactivates 99.9% of the airborne

human coronavirus tested from both genera beta and alpha, respectively. As all human coronaviruses have similar genomic size, a key determinant of radiation sensitivity, far-UVC light will show comparable inactivation efficiency against other human coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, a fact borne out in recent studies published in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) which show that FAR UV can kill 99.7% of coronavirus on surfaces within less than 30 seconds.  The same UV exposure regulated to current human exposure limits will clean the air within minutes.

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