The patented Lumenizer 300 provides filtered germicidal ultraviolet (far-UVC) light to reduce SARS-COV-2

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The patented Lumenizer 300 provides filtered germicidal ultraviolet (Far-UVC) light to reduce SARS-COV-2 and other harmful viruses and bacteria safely while people are in the room. The Lumenizer 300 is an effective and safe solution that is customisable and allows for an adjustable angle for varying ceiling heights and desired intensity. Each Lumenizer fixture can disinfect a 4m x 4m room with the most effective filtered far-UVC solution on the market.

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Inactivates pathogens in seconds

222nm Far-UVC energy is strongly absorbed by the nucleic acids of pathogens, resulting in the inactivation of that pathogen. The Lumenizer 300 is incredibly efficient and can inactivate 99.99% of pathogens such as viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus), bacteria, mold and spores in seconds.


Disinfects large area with 1 fixture

Far-UVC is able to disinfect air and surfaces with line-of-sight coverage. The Lumenizer 300’s 3-bulb system is like no other. The three bulbs are adjustable to 45 degrees making the fixture customizable for just about any type of room it’s placed in. One provides coverage for an area of 4m x 4m, 16sqm (13ft x13ft, 172sqft).

Safe Exposure

Compliant with US & International Health Standards

When used as directed the Lumenizer 300 is in 100% compliance with the US health standards. Its Far-UVC irradiance and Ozone levels are within all the guidelines (Threshold Limit Value) of the ACGIH, the US body that sets guidelines for occupational and environmental health. Lumenizer 300 received “Exempt” status, the highest safety level, on International Electrotechnical Commission’s photo-biological safety test report (IEC 62471).

Easy Setup

Works on universal light power source

There are no unique custom power requirements. Simply connect the 60w fixture to conventional 100-240 VAC wiring and it will immediately start disinfecting your indoor space, quick and easy.

Everyday Protection

Weight 2.1kg
Dimensions 345 x 305 x 115mm
UV Wavelength Far-UVC 222nm
Bulb Type 3 Lumenlabs Lpack-1A
IP Grade IP20
Input Voltage 100-240V DC
Voltage 60w
Ambient operating temps 0 – 35 degrees Celsius
Safety Requirement Mercury-free
Storage Environment Dry, ventilated
Expected lifespan 1,000 hours
Disinfection 99.99%
Mount height 2.5m to 5m
Coverage4m x 4m (13ft x 13ft)
OEM Warranty 1 year/ 2,000 hours – 10,000 hrs fixture
Optional Extended Warranty 3 Years Lamp replacement
Case Colour Options White or Graphite
Refer to the full terms and conditions for use before installing.


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