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Pathogen free indoor is now possible with Lumenizer 300

Lumenizer 300 is the solution. “The new normal” surrounds our lives during the times of COVID-19. So many things that we don’t even recognize while doing are becoming unaccustomed such as travelling whenever you want, shaking hands, gatherings, celebrations and so on. Chaotic circumstances and a state of uncertainty brought by COVID-19 have taught us one thing: We were unprepared for the emergence of novel viruses. Our modern lifestyles are not ready to adapt and existing medical solutions such as drugs and vaccines will be inadequate for the next pandemic. Unless our approach to the reality of the pandemic does not change, mentally and economically crippling lockdowns will possibly be inevitable.

So what lessons should we take from this situation? Actually, throughout the Tokyo Olympic Games, an answer has been given to us. During the Tokyo Olympic Games, more than 200 Lumenizer 300 devices have been used. Lumenizer 300 devices provided a safe environment for 777 people including athletes and coworkers. They could focus on the training and games while disinfection devices provided a safe environment 24/7. With this insight, China started to be interested in the usage of Lumenizer 300 devices in public areas.

By taking this case into consideration, could Lumenizer 300 devices be one of the key solutions that helps everyone to go back to normal? Let’s have a closer look at the way Lumenizer 300 disinfection devices work and their potential areas of use.

What is Lumenizer 300?

For more than a century, UV light is known to destroy harmful pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. UV lights are mostly used in hospitals to sterilize the air and surfaces as well as medical instruments. However, an undeniable disadvantage of UV lights was there. The radiation spread by UV lights was dangerous for human skin and eyes so that it can’t be used when someone is in the room. Since we are speaking of an airborne virus, periodic sterilization cannot guarantee a 24/7 safe space.

Far-UVC technology made this problem go away for good due to the fact that Far-UVC transmits a lower range of wavelengths which is in 100% compliance with the US health standards. Lumenizer 300 is a portable disinfection device developed with Far-UVC technology. It is a constant and sustainable solution that you can build up in your office or manufacturing site without the need for any infrastructure improvement. Thanks to its adjustable bulb system, you may provide full coverage in a 4m x 4m room. The Lumenizer 300 is capable of inactivating pathogens including novel viruses up to 99.99%.

What it means to businesses is that they are now able to provide a safe work environment without disrupting operations and risking anyone’s health. To make a conclusion, Lumenizer 300 is a part of the solution which adapts modern society into the reality of new normal. Contextually, it is a scalable solution to reduce COVID-19 infections and in general, Lumenizer 300 is a part of adaptation to novel viruses.

Would you like to find out more about our Lumenizer 300 solutions to transform your business environment to a pathogen-free space? Get in touch and let us start to work on it!