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Which UV Product Should You Choose for Constant Protection?

Since the Coronavirus disease was first characterized as a pandemic, tremendous efforts have been made. Yet, COVID-19 transmission has not been stopped and the infectious disease keeps on spreading in an aggressive way. Given the severe symptoms amongst patients and the number of cases worldwide; the results are not particularly pleasant. Practical measures which are taken to not get infected carry a crucial role more than ever. With this point of view, mitigation technologies that can inactivate the airborne virus sets a standard of safety as well as arouse the feeling of relief amongst whoever visits public places equipped with this protective technology.

Under these circumstances, it is no surprise that you have been hearing more about UV products quite often. UV products are popular due to the fact that UV wavelengths can destroy pathogens like viruses and bacteria. However, when you investigate UV products you might notice that there are two different options as UV-C and Far UV technology. It is known that wavelengths in the UV spectrum can disinfect air and surfaces but what is the difference between UV-C and Far UV technology? Are they both efficient and safe for the battle against COVID-19? Read on to find out what makes far UV technology distinctive and see whether it owns this name!

Both Technologies Disinfect the room, but…

Yes, there is a but! Let’s start with UV-C technology since its invention dates to a century ago. The UV-C spectrum includes wavelengths from 200 to 280 nanometres and these wavelengths can eliminate 99.9% of pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and mould spores. The catch is UV-C products are harmful to skin and eyes. So yes, it disinfects the room unless you are not in it. By keeping this drawback in mind, it is safe to say that UV-C products are evidently efficient to reduce transmission of pathogens.

On the other hand, because Far UVC products are safe for skin and eyes; researchers started to focus on Far UVC products. Far UVC products transmit a lower range of wavelengths between 207 and 222 nano meters. Since the technology is safe for humans, it can be run constantly in public places so that disinfection does not start from scratch and it creates sustainable pathogen free areas. 

In the time of Covid-19, We Need Constant Solutions

Think about your routines since COVID-19 has been characterized as a pandemic. Washing your hands all the time, endlessly cleaning / sterilizing things that might infect you, avoiding crowded places, delaying all social plans and so on. Everyone with this awareness shows constant efforts to stay safe. That being the case, the thing people rely on cannot be a sign that says, “this place is being cleaned 3 times a day”. Constant and maintainable technologies for pathogen free public spaces might be the best option. The long and the short of the matter, Far UVC products are promising to maintain healthy public places and expected to be used in a far more widespread scope in future!

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